Bush Orientation Activity

Additional charge applicable.

This challenging group activity promotes teamwork, planning and meeting objectives and deadlines. The objective of the exercise is for each team to arrive at a specified location within the Reserve with the least depleted budget.


  • This activity is estimated to take ± 2 hours
  • Teams are dropped off at a specific point within the Reserve under the guidance of a Ranger
  • Teams are given a basic map of the Reserve detailing all relevant features
  • Teams are given a budget of R50,000
  • The Ranger is a consultant and charges "consultation fees" for information required by the team. The Ranger is also responsible at all times for the safely of the team
  • Teams are given a location within the Reserve to which they need to make their way to, as a final destination

A guideline to points

The ranger wil lact as a consultant to the team, keeping record of any money spent in achieving the objectivve. The rates are as follows

  1. Use of a road as a path or as a directional marker - R10 per person
  2. Use of a fence as a path or as a directional marker - R10 per person
  3. Questions that require a Yes / No answer - R1,000 per question
  4. Questions that require an answer in the form of a clue - R5,000 per clue
  5. Questions that require a descriptive answer - R20,000 per description
  6. For every minute behind schedule - the team will be penalized by R2,000 per minute
  7. For every minute ahead of schedule - the team will be awarded R2,000 per minute