Hananani Primary School's Multi-Use Sports Courts

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The multi-use sports courts at Hananani Primary, one of the schools that the Thornybush Community Projects supports, have had a brand new face-lift thanks to a very generous donation by just one individual!

How the courts first started

First installed in 2013 thanks to the National Lottery, the aim was to introduce new sports to the school (volleyball, tennis and basketball), however none of the teachers at Hananani were equipped to teach any of these sports, so the courts were not utilised and fell into disrepair.

Their new face-lift

Fast-forward to this year when a guest at the Thornybush Collection, Ted Morse, gifted a total rehabilitation of the courts to the school in memory of his late wife, Ernice Poletti Morse, who was a tennis champion in the USA.

Looking to the future

Ted's aim for the courts is to offer students the opportunity to learn new sports from professional coaches. Playing sport, especially netball and soccer, is a popular after-school activity for the children in rural communities like the one Hananani Primary is in, however until now there has been no formalised way that any other sports have been introduced or facilitated.

To make sure that this aim is achieved, Ted and the Thornybush Community Projects have partnered with a local sports and recreation club, Dunga Sports, where a program will be put together to not only coach the children, but to also formally train the sports teacher at the school, so that he is equipped to teach the sports that will be able to be played on the courts (netball, volleyball & basketball).

We are so excited to see this all coming together! Keep an eye on the blog and Facebook page to get updates on this project and others like it.


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Thursday, 23 January 2020