A bit of History

Thornybush was fenced in 1955 and the Lodge was first built and operated in 1961. Proclaimed in April 1993

The size is 13816ha.

48 Mammal species, 112 Tree species, 230 Bird species and 54 reptile species. (This could vary by 1 or 2)

12 Commercial lodges

What makes us different:

  • 2nd oldest commercial Lodge in the country and rebuilt in 2001
  • Pioneered Photographic safaris on private game reserve in SA
  • First ever legal translocation of Lion from Kruger.
  • First ever translocation of an entire herd of Elephant from Kruger.
  • One of the first Leopard introductions onto a private reserve.
  • First recording of White Wildebeest born naturally in the wild.
  • Extensive studies on Pangolin done on reserve.
  • Release and study of Bush babies from Natal.
  • Numerous bird releases and studies.
  • One of the first re se rve s to start community based projects in the country.
  • First release of Black Rhino onto a private game reserve in the lowveld.
  • One of the first re se rve s to start with Elephant Contraception as an alternative to culling
  • One of the first re se rve to start Lion contraception as an alternative to culling.
  • First reserve in the Lowveld to do Rhino horn treatments as a form of Anti-poaching in the fight for Rhino survival.
  • Part of research programs being done on Ground Hornbill.
  • Wildlife documentaries shown on Animal Planet.
  • Successful reintroduction of Cheetah.
  • Scientific publication done on the possible side effects in Elephant Contraception (Project sponsored by US Fish and Wildlife)